Ko Ada?

Ko Ada?  means “Do You Have It?”

Why I Love Ko Ada?

I can write several reasons why I love using Ko Ada?

The First one is because it is a very simple sentence.

The Second one is because it is my counter attack line if someone makes fun of me.

The Third one is because when we make jokes and for sarcasm purposes. Ko Ada seems very appropriate. Get it?

Example – A: Nya dah da gerek, Ko Ada?

B: Sikda, ku nang sikda gerek. Pi aku da anak hamster, KO ADA?


The Fourth one err… Can I say that i just like it. At this moment, I really use it in my daily conversation, but i don’t know if in the future it still be my favorite phrase. 🙂


In conclusion, KO ADA? Lol.


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