31 March and 1 April

1 Apr

Assalamualaikum W.B.K.

Hello everyone…

Annyeong Yeorabun!

How was your weekends?

I really enjoy my weekends. On Saturday, I went to Karaoke with my lensebe buddies.

We were celebrating Apek’s and Lizer’s Birthday. 7 hours… singing and dancing like crazy.

The 6 of us were totally lost our mind and sang with our hearts.

From oldies Malay to English, to club music, KPop, and Hindustan… we sapu smua genres. hihihihihi…


ini kek carca marba. smua ada...

And today I went to cinema with empunoks. Decided to watch this movie…



Mirror mirror on the wall

I don’t have any expectations towards Mirror Mirror and I was quite surprised with the outcomes.

I actually enjoyed the movie. Chuckling and laughing throughout the 106 minutes in cinema.

Mainly because of the SARCASMS scripts and dialogues and Julia Roberts.

Then, we went to few places before heading home.

This is our sitting position in Cipot's car.

Bila dalam keta Cipot, bergasak berlagu sepenuh hati dan perasaan.

Lagu BigBang – Fantastic Baby dan Katie Purry – The One That Got Away menjadi lauk kami!

Ingat sik ingat lirik, gohed ajak, janji mulut terbukak, mata tertutup, tangan di dada. Feeling lah kononnya tek.

Sak jak tauk part “In another life..The one that got away..The One…The One… The One…” dan “Fantastic Baby… Shakalakaka Boom” ajak.

Part laen sik berbunyi. HAHAHAHHA…

OK rakan-rakan.

Dear Readers…

Tomorrow I will report duty to my new agency. Hopefully I have everything under my control.


Goodnight. and. Goodbye.


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