Sematan: Palm Beach Resort.

28 Dec


And a very good afternoon to readers. 🙂

Finally, I’m free from felt and have time to upload and write this entry, about our girls trip to Sematan Beach. Sematan is allocated 12o km from Kuching. The journey took about 1 half hours to 2 hours. Depends on the weather.

Here we come!

Enough with the introduction of Sematan, let’s me tell you about our trip. There were 9 of us. (Me, Cipot, Ejah, Ewen, Han, Herk, Nami, Nana (Herk’s cousin) and  Nul. We spent several hours in the beach, then all of them transformed into dugungs (excluding me and Cipot) in the pool.

At night, we have several activities such as playing games, quizzes and just staring at the stars. While others were watching movies at restaurant, me, Han and Cipot were singing to ourselves. The only thing was not in this perfect pictures is guitar. Epic fail. It would be nice if we knew how to play guitar and accompany by the sound of the sea.

Usually, people are dying to have BBQ at the beach but not us. We  just want to have fun and lay back vacation, so maggi, rice, sardin, and dabai were our main foods.

On the next day, we had breakfast, played some more then packed our stuffs and checked out. It was really really the best vacation ever.  Thank you empunoks. XOXO.

Without further ado, let’s the photos parade begin!

Beday cake untuk beday girl. 🙂


Walking to the ocean. Can you smell it?

Celeb? Paparazzi? WHERE?

Coconut tree.. and a flying bird. (the tiny spot is a flying bird)

Inspired by 90210. If u get what I mean.


Lompatan bahagia! Ko ada?


Watchu doin Ejah?


experimenting with something... lol.

Nami yang cantik tengah meniup "blop blop blop".

We were the coolest girls in the beach sans me.

"blop blop blop" again. Feat. NamiYangCantik dan CipotYangBirthdayGirl

I left my footprints at Sematan's Beach... literally. huihuihui...

Cloudy weather.

Ewen was trying to be the Next Pamela Anderson. Hahaha...

In front of our chalet. It was a very nice chalet indeed.

Trip of the year in 2011.

Goodbye Sematan. Gonna cherish our moment together foreva~



4 Responses to “Sematan: Palm Beach Resort.”

  1. cipot 28/12/2011 at 7:00 pm #


    • i3rasaila 28/12/2011 at 7:05 pm #

      thank u. 🙂 but u pun DAEBAK juak. hihihihi…

  2. fiezza 30/12/2011 at 10:25 am #

    biyane…bok baca copyright term tek..hehehe

    • i3rasaila 30/12/2011 at 1:11 pm #

      hahaha.. sikpa. dah mintak izin sikpa.

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