A date with my D

20 Nov



Yup, today is a special day. Special date for certain human beings. So I took this chance to have a nice date with D.

Hihihi.. 🙂


Inside Miss Pippot's vehicle.

On our way to the nearest beach...



Flip flops

Me floating! U not!

Beach and people.

I'm attracted to these 3 guys. They were perfect for my frame. hikhikhik...

Found our lost friend here. He looks familiar. *DANG! P-E-J-U-L

Greeny beach~


Garbage? Oh no! Not at my beach.

Ewen iz da model of da day.

Sunset but sadly there was no sight of Mr. Sun.


Guess Who?

And who are they?

**thank you to my friends: Cipot, Ewen, Nami for spending their precious time with me. Love uols~

**I’m still trying and learning photography. So, if there are flaws (a lot), you can pm me. I’ll appreciate your comment/s. Hihihi. XD


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