8 Nov

Cut all ties to the real world.
Kill myself.
Stoopid me.
Hit rock bottom.

Starting to believe that I cannot make it through.

It’s hurt me. And I can only feel pain.
It is very painful.

I want to run away from these. Far far away. Start a new life. Where no one recognise me. I’m such a coward. A crybaby. A chicken.

One thing for sure, I’m not a fortune teller. I cannot see my future using the magic ball. But for now, the present me is very depressed. The burdens. The questions. They keep lingering in my minds. They are haunting me. Taunting me day and night.

Tunnel of hope. Yes, I need it. Desperately clinging into hope… Hope so I can bounce back from failure and depression. Hope so I can find the teeny weeny light from the darkness.

Rejection. I’m not good dealing with it.

Shun myself from other world. Distance myself from the love ones. Or maybe quit my job.

Until I figure out what I should do with present me, maybe I will temporarily out from my world.


2 Responses to “Rejected”

  1. nys 10/11/2011 at 7:22 am #

    knk ra? *HUGS*

    • i3rasaila 16/11/2011 at 10:00 am #

      rasa down gilak2 time ya. once in a blue moon ku reflect balit idup aku, umo 24 y.o, but still have nothing. Nada. kinek ku try piker positip.

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