16 Oct


It has been a while since I last posted new entry here.

Yes, I have my own excuses for neglecting this blog… (busy tak bertempat lettewww..)

But now, I’m back.. (hopefully)

In this entry, I want to invite all of my readers/lurkers to my convocation ceremony. 🙂

After 6 years of studying (2 years in foundation studies, 4 years in degree) I finally own myself a robe and black mortar. (BIG Yeah!!)

Alhamdulillah… Berkat doa ibu bapa, famili dan rakan-rakan. Akhirnya aku dapat menggenggam segulung ijazah. Semua ini aku hadiahkan kepada ibu bapaku. Hanya Tuhan saja yang tahu pengorbanan mereka. Semoga aku dapat membalas jasa mereka. Amin.

Selesai upacara tersebut, aku berlari keluar dari CAC dan memeluk ibu bapaku. Saat itu, sebak menyelubungi diri, ku kucup pipi ibuku dan mengucapkan Terima Kasih. Jambangan bunga ku peluk erat dan aku bersalam dengan bapaku. Kegembiraan terukir di wajah mereka. Ya Allah, bahagia nya mereka. Semoga aku dapat membahagiakan kedua ibu bapaku sehingga akhir hayat. Amin.


I’m very grateful with my parents, my family and my friends.

Without them, I don’t think I can survive the painful of study abroad , far away from my hometown.(abroad ler tu, seberang laut china selatan…XD )

Yelar kan, aku ni kan anak emak, bawah ketiak mak aku je memanjang.

My parents.

With our juniors and Akmal, Min

Me, Affu, Silah and Fae






So, this entry is specially for them.

To Mum and Dad, Puan Mastika dan Encik Suhaili

Thank You Very Much… for understanding your daughter and supporting me for all these while. 

To Nadia and Rasimah

My gorgeous sisters, like normal sisters, we fight then we make up but I love each one of you. Thank you.

To all my family (pak menakan, mak menakan, anak buah, sedara mara, sepupu duak pupu)

Thank You for just being there with me.

To my friends/roommates

Farah, Faezah, Farah Kecik aka Affu, Asilah

We shared  laughter and cried together. Oh God, I’m tearing apart while I’m writing this. All of you always have a special place in my heart. Thank You for being my friend. I’m lucky to have all of you beside me.

Farah Kiut, Tini, Fina

My first roommates in matric. We barely see each other in Gombak, (Fina in Kuantan) but no matter what, believe me when I said, I always cherish our moments together. Thank You for everything.

Yana Purnama, Ada Sone, Lieya Bongek

After one year in matrics, I found a new set of roommates. Lieya is the one who introduced me to kdrama(mygirl) and the rest is history. Ada is Ada. And Yana is Purnama. lol. Thank You for everything.

Maimoi and Arwah Ros

She was one of my friends in Matriks and I love her so much. Al-Fatihah. Maimoi lives near Gombak, and I’m very grateful with her. She took me home sometimes and made me feel like a family . Send my regards to your father Mai. And Thank You for being my friends.

Akmal and Kak Ma

I met Akmal through Farah and I have only known Kak Ma after we started a new life in Gombak. We get along very well and sometimes they pushed me to study harder especially Akmal. 🙂 I tended to slip away from study because of my Kpop and Kdramas. But Fae, Akmal and Kak Ma were my compass. Thank You.


What can I say about him? He is Pejul and he does not need introduction. He is my gossips partner and my buddy. (sarawakian, former mrsm) Thank You pejul…(walaupun kita sik sempat bergambar ria)

Fellow Materials Class

Min, Izzah, Yana, Yat, Athia, Thirah, Nadia, Ahiey, Nora, Wani Moto, Wani, Fie, Zana, Ben, Faezah Farah, Faezah, Farah, Kak Ma, Azza, Shila, Mamud, Apek, Kerol, Khairul Amier, Mat Ju, Kokse Kokse, Adlan, Ihsan, Farouk, Siddiq, Belal, Faridjudin

I’m lucky to have all of you as my  course mates. Thank You for  everything  for all these years. 🙂

Kamboh yang kamboh

Akbar, Fila, Zen, Roshly, Krol, Nizam, Kak Nono, Kak Dhya, Kak Emi, Kak Seri, Ropa, Za’a, Layna, Ju.

Living the name of Kamboh (Havoc), we are totally Kamboh when we meet. I feel homey when I’m with them. (because we are Sarawakians and click each other) Thank You for  bringing  Kamboh in my life. ^_^

My hometown friends

Ewen, Husnul, Herk, Nami, Dayot, Cipot, Zizi, Della, Zaihan, Daeng, Miya, Ejah, Niesa, Sai

Each one of you completes me. You all make me alive and eager to come home. Thank You ngegeh sekalian. ^^

Azzy, Dayna, Ezani

We have been friends since Secondary school. And I love ngek-ngek sekalian!!! Thanks You for being my ngek!

And thank you to everyone who involve in my live. The redundant word in this post is ‘Thank You’, but there is no other word can replace the word thank you in my heart.

p/s Most pictures were taken by Aqilah and my dad. ^^


2 Responses to “091011”

  1. nys 20/11/2011 at 11:35 pm #

    niesa…aku nak?:DDD
    makseh ra~ and congrats!hehe

    sorry wish lambat.lamak dah aku mok comment tp sik jumpa post ko!sik sedar ko memendek kan nya.

    • i3rasaila 22/11/2011 at 12:07 am #

      aok!! u lah niesa ya. hikhikhik… thanks nnoesa. saranghae 🙂

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