Beaching around Pasir Panjang…

18 Jul


Last weekend, me and my girlfriends along with my two gorgeous sisters went to Pasir Panjang.

It is located only 30 minutes from our home.

It is a very nice place.

The beach is cleaner than I thought.

I have nothing more to type or say..

Please enjoy my pictures above.

At Pasir Panjang...

Misx Herk and her gorgeous hair...

Cik Ewen and her crazy pose. Please forgive her.. Hahahaha...

Footprints in the sand...

Sunny ^_^

Jump Jump Jump!!!

We were supposed to take the "jumping" pic but we failed miserably. XD

Where am I? I was supposed to be in this picture. 😦

Reflection PLEASE!

My sister... ERMMMM...

We were so desperate to fill up the frame. Hahaha..

Bye Bye Pasir Panjang... Till we meet again.


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