25 Apr


Kinda feel like to write something. Huhu.. These 7 days, I was so caught up with my thesis. I don’t even have time to celebrate my birthday T_T

Now I really know how my friends felt when they said, the hardest process during FYP is writing the report. Fuhhh!~~ During the writing process, I was not myself anymore. Zomba was the one who controlled me. You can talk to me, but I’m kinda lost in the translation after that. Example:

A: Wei, ko da dengar tak LiDV kene bayar Rm 3.50 seari?

B: Ada. Aku takda duit lah weih… byk tuh. Nak, nak kene bayar dekat nak seratus lebih.

A: Tu ar, mahal lah. Dahlah ujung sem kene pelu banyak duit.

B: …

A: Wei, ko dengar tak?


A: Ello~~ Ko dengar ke tak?

B:.. ape dia? ulang??

My mind was not my mind anymore, and my soul was wandering And because of the stress, my gastric attacked me twice or thrice. I can’t really remember. All of it seems blurry right now.~~

The writing part, it was not easy but it can be done. I already submitted my report today. Somehow, deep inside me, I don’t satisfied with the outcome. Huhuhu… But I’m too lazy to redo anything anymore.

Comes after report is presentation. I can feel cold feet right now. I have this ugly ~premonition~ about my future presentation. Pray for me and hopefully I can do counter attack and defend myself. Will I survive? or Will I die?
and it will be my longest 15 minutes in my life. Period.


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